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Using Libraries: State & Federal Libraries

You guide now & after your graduate!

State & federal libraries - available to you now & after graduation!

What can I do with the State Library of Ohio?

The State Library of Ohio provides Ohio residents access to its collection, research and reference services, and OhioLINK.  As a state library, the focus of its collection is on serving Ohio's state government as well as its citizens. And it is not far from ODU (view directions) and has free parking. All you need is a State Library of Ohio library card.

With a library card from the State Library of Ohio, you can use the OhioLINK Catalog to request books (see below); and you can use OhioLINK databases on site at the State Library or remotely.

How to Use the State Library for OhioLINK Requests

To use the State Library of Ohio for requesting items through OhioLINK, you'll need to:

Once you are in the OhioLINK Library Catalog, all you need to request a book is to: 

  • Identify your institution as the State Library of Ohio (not Ohio Dominican University)
  • Submit your last name & the last 9 digits of your State Library of Ohio library card number
  • Choose your pickup institution (university) & pickup location at that university
    • If you will be picking up the item(s) at the State Library, choose the location of State Library Circ Desk - you can then pick up your item(s) there once you receive notification (more information about the library here)
    • If you will be picking up the item(s) at another OhioLINK member library, you can choose that library instead of the State Library

After Graduation

State and federal libraries can provide services and resources for government employees and the public.

Summing Up:

  • If you are a resident of Ohio, you have access to the State Library of Ohio and through it, OhioLINK!
  • Moving out of Ohio? You can find out what your state library has to offer!
  • There are also specialized federal libraries that researchers in certain disciplines need to know about.

Moving out of Ohio? Visit to find a state library anywhere in the US.

Federal Libraries

The Library of Congress, located in Washington , D.C. , will benefit most of us here in Ohio primarily from online. In light of its mission and vision, the Library of Congress offers many digital collections online, mostly dealing with American history. It’s legislative database, THOMAS, is also available from the site. Additionally, you can ask a librarian from the Library of Congress questions on any topic of research, just as you ask the Reference Librarians here at ODU.

Other federal libraries serve citizens and researchers alike, such as the U.S. National Library of Medicine and National Archives.

Need help?

Need help finding a library? Using  a library catalog or database? Or help with your research strategy? 
ODU reference librarians are happy to help ODU's faculty, staff, students, & alumni. Just ask a librarian.