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TSL570 Research Guide: Using L1 & Bilingual Resources

Your Guide to Finding L1 & Bilingual Resources for ESOL & Content Instruction

Finding L1 & Bilingual Resources for L2 Learners

With this guide, you will be able to find L1 & bilingual resources to support L2 learning for your language & content area.

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Annotated Bibliographies

Need a refresher on doing an Annotated Bibliography for your assignment?

Visit the Annotated Bibliographies guide.

Your Options for Getting L1 & Bilingual Resources for your Annotated Bibliography

What L1 & bilingual resources can you use? And how do you find L1 & bilingual resources for your L2 learners?

Here are some options:

  • Bilingual Dictionaries in print or as ebooks - Go to a Library Catalog
  • Online bilingual dictionaries - Use a Search Engine
  • Bilingual books - Use university & public Library Catalogs, or start with Publisher Sites, then see if the books listed there are in a Library Catalog
  • A popular book you'd like your students to read in English & see if if it has been translated into the L1 - Go to a Library Catalog
  • A video with dubbed L1 or has L1 subtitles - Use a Library Catalog--you can have students watch a specific scene, for example
  • Government materials in the L1 pertaining to citizenship or daily life - Go to a Government Portal or Search Engine 

This guide will provide you with strategies & resources for your L1 & bilingual needs!

For assignment details, go to PantherLearn.

Student Learning Outcomes

This guide is designed to enable students to:

  • Know what options they have for using L1 & bilingual resources with L2 learners
  • Utilize library catalogs to identify L1 & bilingual resources to support L2 learning
  • Assess the quality & appropriateness of L1 & bilingual resources for content-area learning using a variety of methods
  • Generate effective search strategies for finding L1 & bilingual resources

Course Research Guide content & student learning outcomes are based on course syllabus objectives & assignment.

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