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ENG215a Research Guide: Serching in the Library Catalogs

This guide will provide you with resources & strategies for your assignment for ENG215a, Survey of British Literature 1--Early Literature.

Books & Bbooks

Use the library catalogs to find books and ebooks on authors and their literary works.

Find out how to search for biographies as well as scholarly research on literary works.

Search in the Library Catalogs

Search Tips: Finding Books About an Author

To search for books and essays about an author, try this strategy:

  1. Choose Subject from the Library Catalog drop-down menu options
  2. Type in your author's last name
  3. Choose the author from the list provided

TIP: Sometimes you will even see an option for Biography/Biographies for your author in the list provided.

ODU Library Catalog Search Screen Shot

ODU Library Catalog Subject Search Results

Tips: Searching for Essays in Books & Ebooks

Try this search strategy in the library catalogs to find books of criticism and interpretation concerning an author or his/her works:

  1. Go to a library catalog
  2. Type the author's last name or title of the work + the word AND + either the word CRITICISM or the word INTERPRETATION
  3. Click on the search button

Sample Searches:

TIP: Sometimes you need to open the book to find out which of the author's works are covered!