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BUS318 Research Guide: Home

Your guide to finding resources on conscious capitalism & companies!

For Your Conscious Capitalism Paper

With this guide we'll show you how to search effectively for books & articles on conscious capitalism & provide links below to the tools you need!

To start, here are some tips:

Once you read through the search strategies above, watch the videos below (or read the PDF versions) to find out how to search effectively for books & articles for your conscious capitalism paper.

Searching for Books

Ready to get started? Here is the tool you need:

Searching for Articles

Ready to get started? Here are the tools you need:

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Student Learning Outcomes

This guide is designed to help enable students to:

  • Search effectively in library catalogs & databases for opinions/research in issues in society in the area of business & ethics, particularly conscious capitalism
  • Identify good sources to consult to utilize APA documentation

​Course Research Guide content & student learning outcomes are based on course syllabus objectives & assignment.