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SPM610 Research Guide: Home

Your Guide to Library Resources for Sport Marketing

Using Secondary Resources in Sport Marketing

Start with our overview of what's available & then use the secondary resources below for industry, market, & business research. 

Key Journals for Sport Marketing

Here are 4 key journals for finding research in sport marketing & sport consumer behavior:

You can search directly in any of these journals or browse through their latest issues. Or use the databases to cast a broader net & find articles in some of these & other related journals.

Databases for your Research Assignments

You can find articles in key journals & other related ones in these databases.

Not sure where or how to start? See our online guides for help finding these specialized resources. .

Student Learning Outcomes

This guide is designed to enable students to:

  • Learn to use multiple databases to conduct business, industry, & market research
  • Find secondary data sources essential to understanding the sport industry and its consumers

Course Research Guide content & student learning outcomes are based on course syllabus objectives & assignment.

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