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Research 101 - Finding Articles: Home

Get the basics on articles & databases!

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1. Introduction to Articles

2. Scholarly Articles 

3. Research Databases 

4. Getting Full Text

5. Understanding Article Citations

6. Research & Citation Help

Research 101: Finding Articles & Using the Library Databases

In this interactive module, we will walk through the steps of how to search for, select, and obtain the articles you need for your research assignments and presentations.

What will I learn in this Module?

When you have successfully completed this module, you will be equipped to begin using the library's databases so that you can find and obtain the articles you need. You will:

  • Learn how to evaluate news articles
  • Be familiar with scholarly articles and know how to find them
  • Become familiar with issues of quality & authority in information sources
  • Know how to select appropriate library research databases for a given research topic
  • Understand the basics of how to search in a database
  • Know how to obtain full-text articles in library databases & through Interlibrary Loan
  • Know what article citations are and how to read them