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Copyright Information: Libraries & Archives

Your guide to information & resources on copyright.

Libraries and archives often have unique needs, and there are laws detailing options for them. Those laws and tools for using them are below.

Legal Considerations

Does your intended use of a copyrighted work fall under and of these?:

  • Fair Use (Section 107)
  • Reproduction exemptions for preservation or private study (Section 108)
  • "First Sale Doctrine" on lending, distribution, & displays (Section 109)

Consider how you might want to manage copyright risk.

Digitization Projects

Digitization projects touch upon many areas of copyright with complex issues to address. Section 108 covers digitization for preservation. Digitization that includes sharing involves addressing possible public domain,  Fair Use, the DMAC, & library/university copyright/intellectual property rights policies.

CASE Act of 2019

See our (C) blog post for more information.

U.S. Code & Additional Law