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MBA510 Research Guide: Industry Surveys & Profiles

This guide will provide you with the resources & strategies you will need for your industry analysis for MBA510, Management Skills Portfolio.

Start your Industry Analysis Here

Start you industry analysis by following these 3 steps using the links and guides below:

  1. Search for an Industry Report in  Mergent as a starting point
  2. Search for an Industry Profile in Business Source Complete - for current trends, issues, competitors
  3. Search for companies within that industry in Morningstar - read the Analyst Report for performance & competitive landscape
  4. Search for an Industry Essay in Business Insights: Global - for history of the industry

These many-page documents are great starting points!

You can then continue researching your industry by going through the additional resources using the tabs above.

STEP 1: Mergent

STEP 2: Business Source Complete

STEP 3: Business Insights: Global

TIPS & STRATEGIES for Industry Research

  • Start with Industry Reports & Industry Profiles first - they will give you the big picture of the industry & help you to identify what you still need more information on
  • Use multiple databases - each database will offer you something different
  • Check dates of publication - each database updates its information on industries at different times