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ACT422 Research Guide: Court Case Research

You guide to searching for tax primary resources, specifically court cases!

How to Find Court Cases

This guide will help you search for court cases using the Library's database, Nexis Uni and connect you with additional sites and help for your research questions and citing in APA style..

Library Database for Legal Research

Help with your Case Research

Once you find a case, you will also need to Shepardize that case to see how "good" that decision still is. Click on the tab above,  Shepardizing a Case, for more information.

Shepardizing a case enables you to Identify whether a case is most likely still “good law” based on subsequent history by linking to cases that refer to the one you are reviewing.It also allows you to see the appellate history of a case, if available.

Use our guide to get your started and walk you through the process:

Here are some additional guides to help you as you have questions during your research:

If you have questions about the different courts or about any of the legal terms or abbreviations you read, visit our Authorities & Sites for help.

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Student Learning Outcomes

This guide is designed to help enable students to:

  • Search for and find primary literature related to tax research in an appropriate library database
  • Research relevant financial accounting, tax, auditing, and attestation literature

​Course Research Guide content & student learning outcomes are based on course syllabus objectives & assignment.